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Dental Care for Children with Disabilities

Every child deserves high quality dental care. Here at The Pediatric Dental Team, we specialize in treating children of all levels of ability. Children with disabilities often need more specialized care, and we can provide it. Our team uses best-practice recommendations to ensure that your child receives excellent pediatric dental care.

Not every dental office is equipped to address special needs or are prepared for the challenges of providing dental care to some children with disabilities. We have the training, experience and expertise to provide your special needs child with the required dental care to maintain good oral health.

Children with disabilities can have chronic, physical, developmental, emotional or behavioral conditions that can make a visit to the dentist a daunting experience for parent and child. Some children with special needs require more dental services than the average patient. The Pediatric Dental Team provides all children with patient-centered care, and we work to make each patient feel comfortable and relaxed during the visit.

You Are Part of the Team

Providing optimal oral care for the child with disabilities takes teamwork, and you are part of the team. You know your child best and can provide insight and information of which we may not be aware. This helps to make your child’s visit with us easier and more enjoyable.

We will work closely with you to design a dental plan of action to keep your child’s oral health at its best. With our prevention dentistry, many potential dental issues can be eliminated. When dental work is required, we offer sedation dentistry, if needed, to keep your child comfortable during procedures.

All children should feel safe and comfortable when visiting the dental office. At The Pediatric Dental Team, that is one of our top priorities for each little patient we serve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.

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