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Sedation Dentistry

Most patients, young and old, experience varying levels of anxiety when faced with a visit to the dentist. Even with state-of-the-art technology and instruments designed to make the visit more efficient and relaxing, feeling anxious before the work begins is to be expected, and with children even more so. The Pediatric Dental Team understands your child’s anxiety, and we strive for the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible. This is why we offer sedation to our patients who have high levels of anxiety.

There are different types of sedation that can be used to help the child feel more relaxed while undergoing dental procedures. We use nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation and provide hospital sedation for more extensive work. Hospital sedation is available for children who need dental work and have exceedingly high levels of anxiety that make it difficult to perform procedures in the office.

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation

Sometimes it can be difficult for a child to get comfortable in the dental chair. There are many factors that can generate a bad case of the “wiggles.” Nitrous oxide or oral sedation help your child relax while remaining conscious. Your child feel will feel drowsy and stay calm and relaxed during the procedure.

Nitrous oxide is a gas delivered through a nose piece right before the procedure. Oral sedation is administered by mouth a short time before the appointment. It typically begins to work within 20 minutes. This type of sedation calms the child but does not put your child asleep or in a state of unconsciousness. Your dentist will provide information about aftercare if your child receives oral sedation.

Hospital Sedation Dentistry

Some children may require hospital sedation in order to have dental work. This type of sedation is administered through the IV, and an anesthesiologist is present to monitor the sedation. Hospital sedation is used when it is advisable to do many procedures at one time. Sometimes it is used for children with special needs who have too much difficulty having dental work done in an office setting.

Your dentist will discuss the full process of hospital sedation with you if this form of sedation is recommended. The Pediatric Dental Team dentists have experience working with patients who require this form of sedation.

We want your child to have a pleasant experience when visiting The Pediatric Dental Team. Our goal is to provide your child with excellent oral care and an enjoyable experience. Find out more about sedation dentistry when you contact us to schedule an appointment.

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