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Even though you could take your child to a general dentist, choosing one who specializes in children’s dentistry is a wise choice. There are aspects of the growth and development of children’s teeth and certain conditions that a pediatric dentist will notice that may slip by a general dentist. Here at The Pediatric Dental Team, we offer comprehensive dental care for kids of all ages, from infancy up to adulthood and all levels of ability.

Each stage of a child’s life presents specific needs, which we meet at The Pediatric Dental Team. When your baby’s first tooth erupts, we teach you all about proper oral hygiene for infants. As your child grows, we provide instructions and information to help you encourage your child’s best oral health. We work with you to ensure your child has a firm foundation for a lifelong commitment to oral health.

Prevention is the best method for maintaining oral health. Our preventive services include a comprehensive oral examination and cleaning. Your child may need x-rays in order for the dentist to identify any small problems brewing that cannot be seen visually. Our digital imaging equipment is safe and fast and provides images of tissues below the surface. We also offer dental sealants as part of our prevention plan to minimize or eliminate the risk of dental decay in molars.

If your child plays sports, ask about custom athletic mouthguards. Over-the-counter mouthguards do not provide the coverage and protection of custom mouthguards.

The Pediatric Dental Team also provides emergency dental care. Children of all ages are prone to accidents and injuries, some of which can be serious. If your child has a toothache or sustains an injury to the teeth, give us a call. We can offer tips on what to do until you can be seen at the office.

Sedation dentistry ensures your child will have a positive experience in the dental chair. We provide different levels of sedation to calm and relax your child. Ask about sedation dentistry if you feel your child could benefit from it.

Children with disabilities often have special needs when it comes to dental care. The Pediatric Dental Team understands the challenges facing children with disabilities, and we are prepared to make adjustments and adaptations to provide your child with the high-quality dental care needed to maintain optimal oral health.

Find out more about The Pediatric Dental Team when you browse our website. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.

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